Infinix Xband – The Smartwatch for Sports Men

Infinix Xband is a smart sports watch that helps you keep track of many things about your such as temperature, calorie level, amount of movement made, etc.

The Xband is a product of Infinix Mobility; a Chinese smartphone that focuses on android phones and accessories. Their latest innovation being the Infinix Note 4 which comes with a stylus pen, being the first of their product to come with a stylus pen (X-Pen).

If you love fashion and you love technology, then you will love the new Infinix Xband and here is why…

The new Infinix smartwatch is designed for those who are fashionable and want the smartwatch to work with their attire as it comes in 2 fashionable colours of black and brown, to complement your other fashion accessories.

The smart-bracelet is also unisex which makes it suitable for both men and women. But good design and fashion is not all the Xband smartwatch has to offer. The Xband comes with a lot of features and we will be looking at them in details in a moment.

Infinix Xband Review

Xband Unboxing

The smartwatch comes in a rectangular premium box which is befitting for a device of its caliber.

Infinix Xband Unboxing

Infinix Xband Unboxing

Infinix Xband Unboxing

The Infinix Xband smartwatch is neatly packaged inside a box as you can see from the picture above.

On opening the box, you will find the smartwatch (Infinix Xband), two spare ear buds, USB cable and the user manual.

Quick Specs of the Xband

Here are the key specifications of the device:

  • Talk Time: 7Hrs
  • Standby Time: 150 Hrs
  • Weight : 26.7g
  • Ultra thin screen with smart touch
  • Wireless syncing
  • Vibrations, reminders, timer,water resistance,
  • Battery life: 100mAh

The Design

The device is crafted in premium space magnesium alloy, the bracelet body is finely processed with brushed metallic texturing to give you the best fashion outfit.

Infinix Xband Design

The smart bracelet comes in two colours: black and brown to complement you other fashion accessories and the bands are made of premium lathers.

Infinix Xband Colours


Infinix Xband comes with a lot of exciting features. One of the main features of the device is the Bluetooth receiver which allows you to wirelessly connect it to your mobile phone.

You can also can receive phone calls with the smart watch, which has 7 hours battery life, and is fast charge enabled.

For those into sports, the X-band offers exciting features whether you are a sprinter, golfer or cyclist.

The Xband monitors, users movement from walking to running, it allows users to plan and achieve their fitness goals. Also, the smart-watch features a digital display screen, which shows time, date and other notifications.

Infinix Xband Features


You can use it to find your misplaced phone by ringing it and you can also use the device to return missed calls.

The Xband smart-bracelet works with the customized Xband App that allows users connect and share their fitness goals achieved on social media.

Infinix Xband Features

One major benefit of the Xband is that you can also use the device with other smartphones that is not made by Infinix.

Other features in the device include alarm, reminder, timer, G-sensor/Hall sensor, wireless syncing, vibration and water resistance.

Infinix Xband Features

The Infinix Xband competes well with the best of smartwatches out there in the market.

Price and Availability

The Xband smartwatch is available in the market at a price of about 89 USD (NGN25,000). The price seems quite a lot for a watch, but keep in mind you are not just buying a watch, you are buying a smartwatch a top quality one at that matter. You can also get the device on Jumia at a bargain. or browse Konga coupons here if you prefer to shop on Konga.


Infinix Xband is a great innovation by Infinix, just like the newly launched Infinix Note 4 which comes with a stylus pen. And like we said in the beginning, the Xband is a good device for fashion lovers who are into sports. You will enjoy the smartwatch as it fits into even day-to-day attire.

6 Replies to “Infinix Xband – The Smartwatch for Sports Men”

  1. At 89 dollars this device is not bad at all but it doesn’t seem to have mp3 feature, dose it? What I mean is whether you can directly play music from the device?

  2. Seriously saying that this watch is expensive is not good. Compare it to other smartwatches and you will realize that it is quite cheap

  3. Infinix really did a great work with this smartwatch. I have been using it for sometimes and it is my favorite device now.

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