Experts Predict Fashion and Technology will Inevitably Become One

Experts have predicted that fashion and technology will soon become one industry.

With the way the fashion and technology industry is going these days, it is easy to see that that prediction is not far from the truth. Gadgets are now turned to wearable items and clothing and fashion accessories are being converted into “tech-fashions”.

The tech fashions can be seen in things like 3D printing technology, smart fabrics, power laces, and many more.

Wearable fashions can also be seen in stuff like smart watches – a trend a top fashion company (Hugo) has also joinedvideo glasses like Snap’s Spectacles and many more.

These days, almost every phone companies are producing wearable gadgets, including the likes of Infinix who are now producing smart watecs as well.

The likes of Infinix and Tecno have also gone to produce “fashionable phones“.

This can be seen in their new launches that target the youth. Infinix recently launched Infinix Hot 5 and Infinix Hot 5 Lite while Tecno recently launched Tecno Spark. All phones made with fashionable designs in order to grab the attention of the youths.

It will really be interesting to see how things will turn out in the near feature as more tech company venture into the fashion industry and vise versa.

The smart fabrics can be clearly seen at work in things like the Jacquard jacket and here is what Google has to say about it:

“We think about Jacquard as a raw material that will make computation a part of the language which apparel designers and textile designers and fashion designers speak,” the company said when it introduced the tech at its I/O developers conference in 2015. “We want digital to be just the same thing as quality of yarn or colors used.”

What do you think about the way fashion and technology companies are going? Do you agree with the prediction that fashion will finally merge with technology to become one industry?

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  1. Lol – this is funny but there is some truth in it. I wonder what the new industry will be called? Tecfash or fashtech – Lol.

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